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The foundation, on which the Mandilas Group was built in the 1940s, was the provision for a wide range of first-class internationally renowned products and services, used in all spheres of life.


In Nigeria, the name Mandilas became synonymous with Volkswagen vehicles, because Mandilas first introduced Volkswagen into the country in 1953 as the sole importer and distributor.

Having popularised Volkswagen vehicles through the nationwide network of sales and service facilities of its Motors Division , Mandilas made a vital contribution to Nigeria's industrialisation by initiating the set up of the "Volkswagen of Nigeria" assembly plant near Lagos.


Following the closure of the Volkswagen factory, the Division moved to Skoda but has been a Toyota dealer since 2002 The Lagos Island Workshop is accredited to the Toyota quality system, and we are now preparing our 8 other branches in the country to meet this requirement.

During 2011 we opened another two branches, in Ilorin and Calabar , giving us 10 in total. We are by far the biggest Toyota Dealer in Nigeria. Lekki is planned for opening in 2012 and we have a satellite in Benin.





Most Improved Dealer

2 nd Dealer of the year



Best Service Manager

Best Service Team

Best Parts Manager

Best Parts Team

2 nd Best Marketing Manager

3 rd Best Customer Service



2 nd Dealer of the year



Best After Sales Service Manager

Best After Sales Service Outlet (LIW)



A three year or 100 000km Service Plan backed by Mandilas is offered with every new vehicle sold. No other Toyota dealer in Nigeria offers this.

Mandilas approved Used cars department started just over 2 years ago and is an innovation of Motors Division as part of the company effort in meeting the increasing demands of our customers. 



The department is responsible for procuring and selling of fairly used certified vehicles from individuals and corporate bodies. Used car vehicles undergo a twenty (21) point check to ensure that they are in a good working order.

Vehicles are certified by a workshop team of competent technicians and are thereafter approved as certified fairly used cars for sale to the public. Mandilas offers a limited warranty on engine, differential and gearbox.

Once again no other Toyota dealer in Nigeria has this option, and serves as proof the Mandilas is the leader in innovation and customer service



Another innovation of Motors Division is S A Canopy which is a brand new name in the Nigerian automobile industry.

S A Canopy originates from South Africa and is used to cover the back of a Pick-up.

It is made of fibre glass materials and available for all light weight models of Toyota, Mitsubishi, ford, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Mahindra, Tata & Isuzu etc.

They are made in different designs to fit various models. Example: half door, full door, with windows and without, extra brake lights, roof racks etc.

Bull bars, tow bars and polyurethane linings are also part of the Franchise.  



The cooperation between Mandilas Enterprises Limited and Carrier United Technologies Corporation is further testament to the ability of Mandilas to forge successful long term partnerships with internationally renowned brands.

Mandilas became the Carrier Distributor in 1955 and is the oldest independent distributor in Africa.


Carrier Service Department:

The Service Department repairs and maintains, with professional equipment and experienced staff, the entire range of Carrier equipment i.e. room units, split systems, packaged equipment, commercial and industrial central installations .

 We are also the main outlet in Nigeria for genuine Carrier spare parts for all types of equipment.


Engineering Sales Division

Mandilas air-conditioning expertise is made available to contractors on major projects through its Engineering Sales Division , which distributes Carrier equipment and offers service on equipment design and selections.


Contracts Division

The Contracts Division acts both to complement the Engineering Sales and as a stand-alone contracting section, in the installation of large Tertiary and Industrial central plant air conditioning systems throughout Nigeria. It also provides a fully computerised commissioning service on all Carrier central plant equipment. .  



In 1972 the Mandilas Group established a wholly-owned subsidiary - Norman Industries Limited to manufacture room air conditioners and split systems under Carrier license.

Norman Industries was the first ever producer of air conditioners in Africa,. Today Norman produces a wide range of room, hi-wall split and packages units.

Norman is fully accredited to MANCAP

Mandatory Conformity Assessment Program  


Mandilas Electrogas Appliances Limited (MEGA)

Also within the Mandilas Group is Mandilas Electrogas Appliances Limited (MEGA) .

MEGA retails the Mandilas range of A/Cs up to 5hp using R410a refrigerant.

MEGA also has agreements with Electrolux to supply industrial kitchens and laundries



Mandilas Head Office, which monitors, co-ordinates and supervises at a strategic level, the activities of the operating divisions and companies, is located at Mandilas House, 96/102, Broad Street, Lagos, a large, modern 16-storey office complex. The Mandilas Group owns this centrally located and attractive complex. This building is soon to have a facelift

The company also owns the Mandilas Building, another modern 8-storey office building at 35, Simpson Street, Lagos, which currently serves as its Operations Headquarters.

The Group has another 31 properties in the country which are either used for Group benefit or leased out

The Mandilas Group is owned by Nigerians and helps our customers increase their Nigerian content

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