The Foundation on which the Mandilas Group is built is the provision of a wide range of first class, internationally renowned products and services, which are widely used in all spheres of life in Nigeria. Mandilas Group Limited which started from the distribution of general goods has grown considerably into several companies and divisions that engage in sales and service oriented actitivities, ranging from manufacturing through commerce to vital consumer services.

Norman Industries Limited was established by Mandilas Group in 1972 to manufacture Room Window Airconditioners and Split Systems under licence from Carrier International Corporation, New York U.S.A. Since that time, the company has continued to develop and expand its range of Room and Split Airconditioning Units to suit the condition of the Nigerian market. It has also added Package Units to its product line.

Norman Industries Limited, as a matter of fact, produced the first Room Airconditioners in Africa and it was many years before other companies started producing. It strives to manufacture locally as many parts as possible, and the local content of Carrier Air-conditioners manufactured by Norman Industries Limited has risen.

The high quality of the product has helped to give the company a large share of the national market, putting it in the forefront. The Norman Industries Ltd. factory is one of the earliest Air conditioning factories in this continent and has had massive investments in high Technology equipments and machineries like High powered press and lathe machines, Coil manufacturing machinery, Powder painting booth, Coil bending machines etc to maintian its tecnological position. The factory today is fully geared up to handle additional sheet metal jobs for external customers. A visit to the factory will attest to this fact.

Norman Industries activities are grouped into Research and Development, Production, Marketing&Sales and Finance & Administration.

The marketing activities consist of Airconditioning Sales, Leasing and Servicing. The Sales Department handles the well-known Carrier Room Window Units, Split Units and Package Systems all over Nigeria through our long established nation-wide network of branches.

The Leasing Department gives the opportunity to customers to enjoy our domestic Carrier Air-conditioners with affordable leasing terms. Our Service Department repairs and maintains, with professional equipment and experienced staff, the range of Carrier equipment i.e light Air-conditioners, Split Units,Packaged Systems, Commercial and Industrial Central Installations.

Norman Industries Limited is an integrated engineering company, equipped to produce Condenser and Evaporator heat exchanger Coils of various configuration and various metal parts, pressed and fabricated both at the Coil Shop and metal shop, respectively.

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