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Central Chilled Water Plants

Using a central chilled water plant to provide air conditioning to airports, universities, building complexes, and housing developments is an economical and efficient alternative to installing a chilled water plant in each building.

With a central chilled water plant, you benefit from lower building costs and lower operating and maintenance costs. In addition, the central plant can provide greater building design flexibility and lower noise and vibration levels.

These features are important to all central plants, whether the plant is owned and operated as an integral part of a complex or functions as a utility, selling heating and cooling to nearby building customers.

Central chilled water plants mean lower first costs--as much as 20% lower:

  • Peak loads occur at different times in different building, therefore less installed capacity is required
  • Larger, more economical pumps, cooling towers, and chillers can be utilized
  • Electric wiring costs are lower
  • Less space is required for equipment rooms in each building

Cost savings basic to the chilled water plant include:

  • Lower capital investment
  • Lower capital recovery and interest charges
  • Lower taxes and insurance costs
  • Reduced fixed cost translate to a more favorable competitive position

Use of large water-chilling machines mean lower operating costs through:

  • High full-load efficiency
  • Stable operation at part-load conditions
  • Bulk purchasing of fuel

Carrier products can help you optimize the benefits of a central chilled water plant:

  • 17DA large-capacity chiller delivers exceptional performance
  • Variable speed drives (VSD) help balance building heating and cooling needs efficiently
  • Controls systems provide access to enterprise-wide information