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Barrier Washers

When Hygiene is critical, good practices are a must

Keeping linen clean requires excellent and consistent practice and discipline. with Electrolux barrier washers, This is made easy. Dirty linen is loaded on one side and clean linen is unloaded from another door opening into a separate room, giving functional separation and assisting in RABC*.

Combined with with the Electrolux CMIS** software, the barrier laundry system provided the highest level of control and traceability of the process and ensures your investment is future proofed against stringent new standards.

Childcare and Nursing Homes

Both the young and old are readily susceptible to infection due to their less efficient immune systems. infection can be transmitted via linen. This means that responsibility is placed on both laundry staff and equipment for more frequent a d efficient washing.

The Electrolux Barrier laundry provides staff and patients with the height standards and optimum protection against the spread of infection, whilst streamlining the laundry process.

Hospitals and clinics

Throughout the post operative course, hygiene is of the utmost importance . Patients require linen laundered to the highest standard of cleanliness and acceptable microbiological quality.

Electrolux Barrier washers are designed to meet these standards, minimise risks and provides patients well-being and recovery.

Pharmaceutical and Food Processing Industries

Food Processing and pharmaceutical Industries must maintain a critically high standard of hygiene, whilst delivering efficient productivity levels. The Barrier machines are available with Cleanroom options, where strict controls to avoid particle contamination are required. Barrier washers satisfy these criteria , delievering hygienically clean linen and letting you get on with business

* Risk Analysis and Biocontamination Control (RABC)

**Combined with the Exlectrolux Certus Management Information System (CMIS)

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