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Nothing Short of Perfect

When perfect flatwork ironing is a must, you can rely on the wide range of electrolux products to meet your need.


Hotels and Restaurants

Your customers expect exquisite, crisp sheets and perfectly pressed table linen. Ensuring your customer's comfort, in every little detail, is your guarantee of business success. But at what cost? the Electrolux range of ironers proveides the erogonmics and large choice of options to make this possible, whilst at the same time increasing your profitability.

Electrolux irroners provides the perfect complement to your business quality, profitability and growth.

Proffessional Laundry

It's simple. Electrolux ironera provides you with increased productivity, absolute reliability

and the results both you and your customers are looking for.


Medical centres

Optimum hygiene, safety and cost efficiency are just a few of the reasons why Electrolux is the most reliable partner for all healthcare institutions.


* Risk Analysis and Biocontamination Control (RABC)

**Combined with the Exlectrolux Certus Management Information System (CMIS)

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